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Subsea Load Cell System
for the aquaculture industry.

Mooring monitoring in real time

Sotra Anchor & Chain launches a unique subsea load cell system for the aquaculture industry.

Subsea load cells are mounted directly in anchor lines, and provide real-time information on which loads moorings are exposed to at any given time.

The system gives the fish farmer confidence that the moorings are in order.

Our standard system communicates from the load cell to the base station on the feed barge, via WiFi. For more challenging locations, wired or acoustic communications can be provided.

Line loads are made available via cloud solution, so that fish farmers have the opportunity to share real-timel loads with e.g. well boats or other vessels.


Advantages of a load cell system

  1. Safety
    Load cell provides real-time information about load in the fish farm’s mooring lines, and will notify you of overload or underload. By e.g. vessel calls, the cargo cells will be able to provide valuable information. Fixed measurement parameters can be defined and be decision support for operations in bad weather.
  2. Possibilities
    Real-time monitoring of mooring lines provides opportunities to utilize the capacity of the mooring system. This can provide benefits when choosing lice skirts, verifying mooring analyzes and more.
    The system’s communication module allows for the connection of accessories that can contribute to the collection of important measurement data.
  3. Long lifetime
    Our battery packs have a lifespan of 1-5 years depending on the number of sensors. The load cells are machined in super duplex stainless steel and has a design life of 22 years.



Sensor string
We have developed a sensor string that measures temperature each meters down to the desired depth. In addition, this string has the capability of sensors that measure pressure, salt concentration, turbidity and oxygen. In addition to measurement data for line load, this can provide an important real-time picture, and report automatically both internally and externally.


Technical partner.

Metas AS designs, develops and delivers measurement systems for the marine, offshore and subsea markets and has a history of innovation and collaboration around product development.
As a spin-off from the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, the company has a strong environmental focus and a desire to help customers understand and protect the marine environment through data collection, distribution and interpretation.

Note: The measurements in tables may vary between different models. Sotra Anchor & Chain AS can not be hold responsible for any deviate between tables and delivered equipment.

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