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The table is based on the following formula from Germanischer Lloyd:

S = Storage volume.
d = chain diameter
l = lenght of chain
(here divided by two, as there are two chain lengths [port and starboard])

The class society rules states the following:
The chain locker shall have adequate capacity and a suitable form to provide a proper stowage of the chain cable, and an easy direct lead for the cable into the spurling pipes, when the cable is fully stowed. Port and starboard cables shall have separate spaces. If three (3) bower anchors and three (3) hawse pipes are used, there shall be three (3) separate spaces. Spurling pipes and chain lockers shall be watertight up to the weather deck.

Note: The measurements in tables may vary between different models. Sotra Anchor & Chain AS can not be hold responsible for any deviate between tables and delivered equipment.

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