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Due diligence report

The Sotra Gruppen group is ready with its report on due diligence assessment for 2024.

Our owners Sotra Group has conducted due diligence assessments for its major suppliers. These assessments are an integral part of our overall strategy to ensure that we engage with suppliers who adhere to high standards of ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Due diligence assessments involve a systematic and thorough process of analyzing various aspects of the suppliers’ operations. This includes examining their work practices and conditions, the quality of the products or services they deliver, their environmental impact, as well as their commitment to upholding human rights and avoiding harmful effects on the communities in which they operate.

By conducting these assessments, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the suppliers’ practices and identify any areas that may require improvement. We also take into account industry best practices and international standards to assess the extent to which suppliers meet these requirements.

Through the due diligence assessments, our aim is to ensure that our suppliers share our values and commit to operating in accordance with ethical guidelines and internationally recognized principles. This includes ensuring that they respect workers’ rights, take responsibility for the environmental impact of their operations, and work towards enhancing the communities they are a part of.

It is important to note that these due diligence assessments are not a one-time process. We establish long-term relationships with our suppliers and maintain an ongoing dialogue to ensure that they uphold and improve their standards over time. We also encourage mutual knowledge sharing and collaboration to strengthen sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Our commitment to conducting due diligence assessments for our major suppliers demonstrates our dedication to responsible business practices and sustainable development. We strive to be a trusted and responsible player in the industry, and through these assessments, we ensure that we select and engage with suppliers who align with our values and contribute to the fulfillment of our long-term goals.

The report on due diligence assessments has been approved by the board and signed by our chairman and CEO on 3rd May 2024 and can be viewed below.