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D-Tech Swivel
SW800 Bearing Swivel

SW800 swivel is specially designed for anchor handling in deep water with heavy loads. The swivel is machined from a forged chromium-nickel high tensile steel with a bronze-aluminium slide bearing system.

Proof load: 460 T
Minimum Break load: 723 T
Total Length: 820 mm
Max diameter: 330 mm
Approx. Weight: 315 kg
Terminations: Standard Pear link no. 7 or kenter joining shackle dia. 76 mm

Each swivel has a serial number on the main body part.
Maintenance program

1: High pressure freshwater cleaning, visual inspection of eyes and rotation
check is recommended after use.

2: Lubrication: Anti corrosion and decrease friction grease type “Statoil Light
stern tube grease, batch no. 050105”.

The SW800 Swivel may cease to rotate if too much grease is pressurised through the grease nipples. This is because the swivel is water sealed in order to enable operations up to a water depth of 1600 meters. It is recommended to open the grease nipple on the opposite side during application of grease, to allow overflow grease to escape.
It is important to monitor the swivels functionality while pressurizing,
to ensure that it is easy to rotate.

CAUSION: Use safety glasses and be aware of the possibility of overpressure of grease while unscrewing the grease nipples.
The overpressure may be reduced by activating the ball valve in the grease Nipple, observing any surplus grease overflow.

Note: The measurements in tables may vary between different models. Sotra Anchor & Chain AS can not be hold responsible for any deviate between tables and delivered equipment.

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