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Class requirements for weak link are described in the following regulations: DNVGL-RU-SHIP-Pt3Ch11 section 2.1.5 and IACS rec. No.10 point 1.3.2 (a)

2.1.5 Provisions shall be made for securing the inboard ends of chain to the structure. This attachment shall be able to withstand a force of not less than 15% nor more than 30% of the minimum breaking strength of the chain cable. The fastening of the chain to the ship shall be made in such a way that in case of emergency when anchor and chain have to be sacrificed, the chain can be readily released from an accessible position outside the chain locker.

The challenge has been to ensure compliance with the requirement that the weak
link must be installed in any anchor line, as well as the understanding of what is to be regarded as an approved solution. It is an inalienable requirement that every anchor line must have a link in the line which demonstrable breaks of between 15% and 30% of anchor line MBL. In addition, it should be possible to disconnect the anchor line from the vessel from the outside the chain locker in emergency situations.

Manual disconnection will be regarded as the primary safety barrier while disconnecting the anchor and anchor line, while the weak link itself will act as a secondary safety barrier.

Sotra has now designed and produced a complete solution that we stock for all chain dimensions. This solution comes with one report from class society where exact real breaking strength is documented. Sotra weak link solution can easily be retrofitted to any vessel.

Note: The measurements in tables may vary between different models. Sotra Anchor & Chain AS can not be hold responsible for any deviate between tables and delivered equipment.

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