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Anti-Twist chain markings for mooring project in Ivory Coast, Africa

We are pleased to share that our team is currently working on a new mooring project for delivery in Ivory Coast, Africa.

This exciting venture involves the delivery of rig chain dia 68 mm, among other parts, which will play a critical role in the mooring system.

To ensure the proper installation of the chain, our team has implemented a special feature: every second link has been painted with a vibrant yellow color. These markings serve as a visual guide to prevent the chain from twisting during installation. We take pride in our attention to detail and our ability to work closely with clients to that address their specific needs.

Below are a few photos from when we made a DNV witness cut of the chain to required lengths.

Preparation of Sotra studless rig chain dia 68 mm in bad weather

Cut of Sotra studless mooring chain dia 68 mm